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Aloha Hemp Oil

(20 customer reviews)

  • 100% Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • No Pesticides, Herbicides, Solvents, or Chemical Fertilizers
  • Laboratory Tested to Ensure Safety and Potency

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Aloha Hemp Oil Description

Aloha Hemp oil is Hemp-Derived phytocannabinoid CBD. All Aloha Hemp oils have proper lab reviews and extensive 3rd party testing. Please see the Lab Testing Tab for our Certificate of Analysis.

Lab Results: External Link
Sourced directly from Aloha Hemp

All CBD Products Have 0.3% of THC or Less


Hapuna Mint, Citrus Breeze, Hawaiian Roots, Hawaiian Sunrise


250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1500mg


Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum


1 oz

20 reviews for Aloha Hemp Oil

  1. Laura

    Great taste, Amazing results!

  2. Gigi Beaumont

    Before using Aloha Hemp CBD oil, I suffered from anxiety, insomnia and digestive issues. After using the oil for 4 weeks, I saw an improvement in all these areas. I feel so focused and relaxed as well having a much deeper sleep. My digestion is much better too. I have tried other CBD oils and they do not taste as good or give me the same results. I ran out for a little while and quickly noticed the difference. Had to order another batch right away. Definitely something I?ll continue to use in the future.

  3. Laura

    News~~ just learned when you have any itch, rub a bit of Cbd, your itch will be gone in a few minutes.. whoo hoo!

  4. James Lawrence

    The reason I started with the Aloha CBD oil is because I had dislocated my shoulder. It wasn?t responding the way I thought it should through PT and regular Advil treatments (which I didn?t like taking for a prolonged period of time). So, one day I was speaking with my swim coach who had been using Aloha Hemp and she said to give it a try. After a month of using your product, my shoulder pain was almost totally gone and the mobility was back! But it doesn?t stop there…I have been suffering from migraines for about two and a half years. I had tried all sorts of medication and treatments that just didn?t seem to work, and the cost of the medication I was taking was almost $700 a month! The results were not great but enough to take some of the pain away, which in my opinion, was better than nothing. It just so happened that my migraine medication didn?t ship to the pharmacy right around the time I started taking Aloha CBD oil and I noticed that the frequency and severity of my migraines was decreasing. So, it has now been two months since starting the CBD and my headaches have almost completely gone away! I have not had a severe headache in over a month. I can?t tell you how excited I am with the unexpected results! Thank you!

  5. Lori

    I recently started using Aloha CBD oil. The quality of the oil was very good and the peppermint flavor was a nice touch. I was surprised how well this product worked without the adverse side effects. The oil also helped me with my anxiousness and when taken at night gave me a much sounder sleep at night. I would recommend this oil if your looking for a CBD oil that works.

  6. Joseph M. Macias

    I bought your THC free citrus in August @ the last Truckee Thursday’s. First time trying a CBD oil it was surprisingly AWESOME! I had wayyy better sleep, the pain from my past knee injury went away, its natural and healthier than ibuprofen! Its a bummer I had to give up marijuana products since I got a job with Placer County, but this oil is THC FREE! Totally awesome!
    I loved how it worked so much that i bought 3 more bottles!

  7. Melissa Bailey

    My husband and I felt that the CBD oil for us was very beneficial, less pain, better sleep, and will be purchasing more of this product.

  8. Barbara Giles

    Have suffered from eczema my entire life. Of late it manifested itself around my lips…an extremely uncomfortable, irritating bright red, dry version, worse than previous bouts. Met Gail at her Auburn Co-op booth where she recommended giving the mint cbd oil a try.
    Combining the oil with an organic lip balm has 99% cleared it. No more dry, red, itchy embarrassing lips!!! Now they look healthy and normal…not to mention my facial and neck skin look amazing as I now apply it daily as my facial moisturizer….THANK YOU GAIL!!!

  9. Jane

    I love this cbd . I have tried many other big name brands . This one has the best flavor of any I have tried . I feel good when I use this oil . I feel calmer and it settles my stomach.
    I also like to rub it on my face for a moisturiser sometimes .

  10. Rachel Grenier

    I tried CBD oil for the first time after seeing Aloha Help CBD at a triathlon I recently competed in. I love that it is a locally owned, family-owned company run by real people who use the product and truly care about their customers’ experience and overall health. I also really appreciate that it is organic and non-GMO. I look forward to discovering firsthand how this can be part of a natural, healthy lifestyle!
    Mahalo, Shelly!

  11. Andrea Persun

    When it comes to CBD oil and its benefits you don’t have to convince me. CBD cured my migraines, but I had a hard time finding product that was clean and tasted good. No problem with Citrus Breeze. The taste is irresistible, the product is clean, and I feel great. No more migraines ever, and I am looking forward to my daily dose of yummy health boosting CBD dosage. I am hooked for life. Thank you Aloha Hemp for creating a phenomenal product I can trust.

  12. Graham de Gottal

    While we were chatting I told you about how I suffer rather badly with knee osteorthritis and you gave me a little dab of ointment that I rubbed onto my knee Well, to cut a long story short whatever I rubbed on really helped as I run the marathon with very little pain in my knee (even came in 2nd in my age group as an added bonus). My wife even noted that as I passed her at mile 20 I wasn’t leaning to one side which I tend to do due to the knee pain.

  13. Gail Pugh

    I had a cyst that was in my thumb joint making it impossible to bend my thumb for about 6 months. I tried everything holistic I could find and even had some light treatments on it. Nothing budged it till I tried CBD mint. After about a week it started to bend and in two weeks it had full movement back and i could not see the cyst at all. I took the CBD internally and had so many more great things happen like better deep sleep, better digestion, clearer softer skin, better focus, less stress, and better recovery from workouts and runs.

  14. Don Yamasaki

    Thank you Gail!!! My gosh, I certainly expect you to do that! I just want to tell you how happy I am with your products. I actually now get a decent night’s sleep without pain; something I have not had for several years. I have taken many medications prescribed by my doctor at Kaiser, but the pain was ever present. I am so happy I happened upon your booth at the Mandarin Festival and discovered you and Aloha! Thank you. Bringing the new bottle caps was above and beyond the call. Thank you Gail. I’m not sure how long a bottle lasts, and I haven’t figured out how many drops I actually am dropping under my tongue. I don’t fill up the dropper, but I follow your instructions to keep it there for approximately 60 seconds and then swallow. Whatever – it seems to be working, and nothing else, so far, did! I am happy and will reorder when the bottle gets too low. Thanks again Gail! -Don

  15. Gail Pugh

    I finally feel balanced since using this CBD oil. Everything from emotions to psychical well being has balanced out for me. I used to feel overwhelmed if too much was coming at me at one time but now I can focus better to handle it and not feel the stress I used to. Along with my body recovers so much more easily from hard workouts and runs. I love the light orange flavor of the Hawaiian Sunrise! And use it for my dog too!

  16. Cyndi F.

    This stuff works. My Shiba was having “night tremors” (for lack of a better description), where she would stand in one location and her entire body would visibly shake. The vets can find no apparent cause, and after 2 different epilepsy meds – 1 had absolutely no effect, the other turned her into a zombie – I decided to give Aloha Pet CBD a try when I found them at a dog show. What a difference! It’s been almost a year now, and I can honestly say that she is a different dog now. The tremors were becoming almost a nightly event; now, there have been maybe 3 or 4 nights that I can tell she’s leaning towards the anxious side, but I have not seen her physically trembling since I started giving her CBD oil.
    When I ran out of the 1st bottle, I was unable to find this website, so I have tried other brands on the market – some worked, others didn’t. Aloha CBD oil DID work, and I’ll be ordering again (they’re also cheaper than what I’m seeing in the pet stores). I also have found that some oils cannot be added to the dogs’ food, while Aloha CBD CAN be put directly on the food, which makes it super-easy to administer, especially if you have finicky pets like mine are.
    Aloha CBD oil has transformed one of my dogs for the better when prescription drugs did not work, and I would not hesitate to administer it to any of my other dogs if I saw that they were having any health issues of their own.

  17. Barbara Evans

    I started using THC free citrus in February 2020 and it has been nothing short of incredible! My sleep is so much better, and as an endurance athlete, it helps me recover from my hardest workouts faster, so I can get on to the next one. I’m super excited to use this product every day.

  18. Susan Duncan

    I highly recommend Aloha Hemp CBD oil. I was new to CBD oil and had tried various oils before and all most given up as I was not experiencing the benefits I needed. I have numerous health issues, with anxiety being at the top of the list and Aloha Hemp has already significantly decreased my anxiety and it has been less than a month I can actually handle big crowds, noise and stress better than I could before, and I am starting to see improvements in memory and focus. The flavors are amazing and the best I have tasted. You get more than just a great product from Clint and Shelly they truly embrace the Aloha Spirit and want to help you any way they can and because of this and the great product, you have a customer for life.

  19. Suelang (Sea Dandelion Cafe Owner BI)

    I love the mint oil. I have taken it a few times during the last month or so, during particularly stressful times, and it immediately eases my entire being into a pleasant state of comfortable calm.

  20. Gail Pugh

    I’ve tried all three Aloha Hemp flavors and really enjoy the vanilla almond flavor for its mild and earthy taste. I even use it topically on my face and any muscle soreness after workouts. It’s amazing for clearing up any blemishes and my muscles love the release they get. I take it everyday for preventative and recovery from long runs and hard workouts.

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